AUGE manufactures and distributes +7.5 million fasteners every year based on approximately 11,400 bill of materials and blue prints from a variety of customers and industry standards. The parts can range from a diameter of 0.250 inches to 3.500 inches, the length can be from 0.375 inches to 36.000 inches. A Fastener is a mechanical device designed specifically designed to hold, join, couple, assemble, or maintain equilibrium of a single or multiple components. Fastening is the act or process by which a single or multiple components are held, joined, coupled, assembled, or maintained in equilibrium. A standard fastener can be referenced from internationally recognized standards and may be produced by any interested manufacturing facility. All fasteners are classified as special or non-standard and fall into three groups: modified standard, proprietary or patented, engineered special parts; these last require a written description, blueprint or drawing to communicate what exactly is required. A modified fastener is a standard part with one or more of its features or characteristics being slightly changed. It is ordered to a customer’s drawing and used in a particular application. A proprietary fastener is designed using to the extent possible, characteristics of standard parts but incorporating some unique feature which is patented. The production is limited to companies licensed by the patent holder. An Engineered special part is a development between the customer and his supplier, special tooling and new engineering concepts would be required.